• Eric Walter, CFP®

Are You Sleeping Well?

Market volatility has been at the forefront of our minds the last few years. We expect this trend to continue into 2022. Having an asset allocation that aligns with your risk tolerance remains key to staying invested without losing sleep.

The experience from the pandemic selloff in 2020 has given new perspective to many. Those who continue to stay invested continue to be rewarded. This serves to reinforce the adage of time in the market rather than timing the market. Think about the dips you’ve experienced this year. Have you felt at ease or were there times you felt anxious? Did you ever consider calling and saying “sell everything”?

For those who have completed a comprehensive Financial Plan in the last two years, you have a key piece to help you sleep comfortably. Through integration with your SWWM portal, you can see a daily snapshot of your overall financial picture. This includes Monte Carlo tiles (stress-tested chance of success), which update overnight to reflect daily market movement on all managed accounts. If you are concerned with a downturn, you can log in and see if it truly has a material impact on your plan.

We look forward to discussing the steps for you to have a formal Personal Financial Plan that could give you financial peace of mind.

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