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Original art by Susan S. Spraker, Ph.D., CFP®

Our fees are billed quarterly

We are paid a fee on portfolio assets managed by SWWM. For that fee, we provide discretionary portfolio management, comprehensive financial planning, ongoing financial counseling, coordination and work on their behalf with other financial professionals, including tax planning, estate planning and risk management, important aspects of comprehensive wealth management.

Quarterly Fees

  • 0.375% IF below $400,000

  • 0.3125% IF between $400,001-$600,000

  • 0.25% IF between $600,001-$1,000,000


  • 0.25% on First $1Million

  • 0.20% on the next million ($1MM – $2MM)

  • 0.125% on the remainder ($2MM+)


These quarterly fees are deducted directly from the respective managed accounts and are clearly stated in the SWWM Client Quarterly Reports.

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