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Original art by Susan S. Spraker, Ph.D., CFP®
  • Delegating responsibility for managing their portfolios;


  • A long-term, mutually respectful advisory relationship in which they feel heard and understood;


  • Fee-only portfolio management and financial planning with a truly independent advisory firm that has no products to sell;


  • Clear, proactive, objective, and timely advice in all areas of financial planning;


  • Proactive, not reactive, research-based active portfolio management style that minimizes the level of downside volatility associated with the passive “buy and hold” approach.


  • Personal, consistent, and regular communications when the unexpected arises;​

  • A Team of highly educated and experienced licensed professionals working together as fiduciaries on their behalf;


  • Diligent risk analysis and regular monitoring of their invested assets;


  • A comprehensive plan to meet short and long-term planning goals over their lifetime.

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